Did BTS V Just Call Out Malicious Commenters Spreading The Fake Dating Rumors? His Savage Updates Gain Attention

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BTS V recent updates might be targeted at the netizens who spread the fake dating rumors involving him and a chaebol daughter earlier today.

On October 14, HYBE issued a response to put down BTS V dating rumors to rest. The agency denied BTS V was dating Choi Yoon Jung, the daughter of Paradise Group’s chairman Phillip Chun and the Paradise Culture Foundation’s chairwoman.

The chaebol group owns Paradise City Hotel, a famous luxury resort in South Korea, among many other ventures.

On October 15 KST, BTS V uploaded two cryptic messages that fans believed are aimed at the people who spread the dating rumors, in his first post to Weverse, he wrote,

How pathetic. I want to sing ‘UGH!’

To people who might not be aware, “UGH” is a BTS song that calls out the netizens who spread rumors about them. The lyrics clearly criticize netizens who amplify baseless rumors about them in an attempt to harm their reputation.

V followed that with another post, he wrote,

“In tonight’s sleep, I will be shooting poisoned needles on the backs of their necks. Please watch out for your back neck. Puk puk [resembles the sound of a needle shot.”

Many fans were upset at the fact that V was involved in dating rumors for simply being spotted with a woman he knew. Many are also convinced that the posts he wrote are targeted at the haters and the people who spread such baseless rumors, fans understand that V is probably frustrated by such rumors.

As a result of his update, his real name KIM TAEHYUNG began trending on Twitter. As of this writing, his name is No. 2 on Twitter worldwide trends with more than 200,000 mentions. As a result of what happened, fans are sending him lots of messages of encouragement. The phrase ‘I LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUNG’ has also been trending on Twitter.

Many fans are also urging HYBE to take strict legal action due to the spreading of these rumors earlier today.

What do you think of his updates?

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