BTS V Apologizes To Fans For Being Unable To Perform Standing At “Permission To Dance On Stage”

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BTS V performed “Permission To Dance On Stage” concert seated and he’s feeling apologetic towards fans.

On October 24, Big Hit music released a statement to Weverse to announce that BTS V will perform seated on “Permission To Dance On Stage” concert due to a calf injury. While his injury is not bad, the doctors recommended he doesn’t strain himself too much, he was advised to refrain from vigorous movements.

BTS V had felt a fan in his calf during the rehearsals the prior day and will not be participating in choreography for the time being.

After successfully completing the concert on October 24, BTS V took to Weverse to apologize to fans for being unable to dance properly on stage.

He wrote,

“I will return with a cooler image. You guys bought expensive tickets, so I am sorry I wasn’t able to show a good performance.”

Fans are showing V with praise for his dedication. V had strongly wished to participate in the performance and participate in the concert.

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