BTS Jungkook Debuts New Lip Piercing, Fans Go Wild

BTS Jungkook has a new lip piercing and its taking the internet by storm, but is it real?

Last night, fans began to see glimpses of what could be a new piercing from BTS Jungkook. At the time, fans were skeptical because Jungkook had worn fake piercings before. He wore a fake eyebrow piercing earlier this year before actually getting one himself.

Thus, fans couldn’t tell at first from the grainy photos shared online, they couldn’t determine whether Jungkook has a new lip piercing or not.

Earlier today, the 2021 The Fact Music Awards was held. BTS was among the scheduled performers for this award show. Finally, fans got to see more clear photos of Jungkook and it appears that the lip piercing is actually real.

While performing for the award show, fans noticed the piercing in Jungkook’s right side of his bottom lip. This sent fans into a frenzy. ARMY couldn’t stop talking about how stunning he looked.

Fans took to twitter to discuss how obsessed they were with Jungkook’s lip piercing, his name has topped worldwide trends on twitter with more than 1 million mentions as of this writing.

Fans are still debating whether its real or not, but judging by the photos and videos shared from the 2021 The Fact Music Awards, many fans believe its real.

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Take a look at photos of Jungkook lip piercing below!

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