An ATEEZ sasaeng [obsessive-so-called-fan] has done something that is both shocking and disturbing!

On October 28, KQ Entertainment released a statement announcing strict legal action against people who continue to invade ATEEZ’s privacy.

In their statement, they explained that despite setting boundaries and prohibiting fans from visiting ATEEZ during their private scheduled activities, such incidents didn’t stop.

One person was revealed to have attached a location tracking device on the group’s work vehicle. They have illegally collected information about their location. Due to this, the agency has been in contact with the police station and are tracking down the culprit. KQ promises there will be no leniency or negotiation regarding the punishment.

The agency stated that such actions have caused psychological suffering to the members and have obstructed the company’s business. They will continue to enforce strict legal measures against anyone who violates their artists rights including adding them to the blacklist, they’re also accepting fans tips via their email.

What do you think of this?

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