Ailee Opens Up About The Pain Of Losing Both Of Her Parents

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On the recent episode of “Immortal Song,” Ailee has opened up about how she’s felt due to the passing of both of her parents.

Ailee expressed the pain of losing both parents while shedding tears, she talked about feeling guilty for not visiting them more often,

“While working as a singer in Korea, I’ve been separated from my family in the U.S. for more than 10 years. I worked so hard in korea and was super busy, so I couldn’t even visit them often.”

After watching Hongja’s performance of “Finding Dispersed Families,” she talked about how she relates to the song,

“We were living like a separated family, but both my parents passed away last year and early this year, so to me, this song comes with a different meaning.

The lyrics truly touched me, I have nostalgia and regret that I didn’t see my family that I wanted to see the most when I was busy working.”

Ailee’s mother passed away back in February earlier this year.

Ailee had taken the final win on this week’s episode of “Immortal Song.”

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