aespa Achieves A Perfect All-Kill For The First Time Since Their Debut With “Savage”

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aespa continue to set new records with their newest release, “Savage”!

“Savage” was released on October 5, it has become the group’s most successful release to date. About 10 days since its release, iChart revealed that it has achieved a perfect all-kill. To achieve that, the song the must be #1 on realtime and daily song charts on Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE, and Bugs, simultaneously with a realtime and weekly score at #1 on the iChart.

This is the first time aespa was able to reach such an impressive milestone since their debut. They now joined the very exclusive club of only 3 more kpop songs that managed to achieve this title in 2021. The songs are IU’ “Celebrity”, Brave Girls “Rollin'” andBTS with “Butter.”

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Congratulations, aespa!

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