Yoo Jae Suk is truly rooting for the ship of Jessi and Lee Sang Yeob!

On The most recent episode of the popular show “The Sixth Sense,” the cast members poked fun at Jessi and Lee Sang Yeob outfits and how well they complimented each other. There has been a running joke on the show where the members have created a love line between Jessi and Lee Sang Yeob, the two have fully embraced it.

Jessi commented on her outfit and said,

“I don’t like wearing dresses during dates. I open up one more button.”

Lee Sang Yeob was taken aback by her comment and put up a wall, Jessi added,

“you can do that with others, but you shouldn’t do that to me.”

This episode featured two guests, Loco and Gray, Jessi asked them why they don’t ask her to feature in their songs and Loco replied, “noona, it’s because you’re so popular right now.”

Yoo Jae Suk then introduced the two to the cast, he referred to Lee Sang Yeob as Jessi’s boyfriend and to the rest of the girls as the couple’s sisters.

Do you like the ongoing love line between Lee Sang Yeob and Jessi?


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