“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Gains Over 1 Million New Instagram Followers Due To The Drama’s Huge Popularity

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“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon popularity has exploded after her starring role in the hit Netflix series.

Jung Ho Yeon is a model-turned-actress who made her official debut in the hit Netflix drama “Squid Game.” She plays the role of a North Korean defector. Her performance on the show has earned her massive praise and as a result, she’s gained many new fans from all around the world.

Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram account has been gaining massive attention, she’s had about 400,000 followers before the drama aired, and as of this writing, Jung Ho Yeon’s Instagram followers count stands at 1.7 million.

Since its premiere on September 17, “Squid Game” has exploded in popularity overseas, as of September 21, the drama ranked the No. 1 show in the ‘U.S Netflix’s top 10 in the U.S list today’ pushing “Sex Education” to the number two spot despite the drama being massively successful in the U.S and overseas. It’s the first-ever Korean drama to achieve this record.

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Something similar has also happened to her co-star Lee Yoo Mi, she’s also gained a lot of new followers due to the drama’s popularity.

“Squid Game” follows a couple of contestants who join a game for the prize of 45.6 million won [$38 million], they soon find out if you lose the game, you die.

Are you a new fan of Jung Ho Yeon?

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