The Kelly Clarkson Show Apologizes For Using Incorrect Picture Of BTS

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The Kelly Clarkson Show has come under fire by ARMY for their recent broadcast.

Earlier today, The Kelly Clarkson Show sat down to talk with Coldplay’s Chris Martin about their highly anticipated upcoming collaboration with BTS, the song “My Universe.”

During the segment, The Kelly Clarkson Show showed a picture of the rookie group BLITZERS instead of BTS leading to backlash by ARMY.

As a result, The Kelly Clarkson Show ended up issuing an apology for the mishap and promised to send in the correct photo for the show.

However, their apology was met with mixed responses as fans find it weird that there was any way BTS could have been confused with a rookie group called BLITZERS especially considering how easy it is to find pictures of BTS with a simple search.

What are your thoughts on this?

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