“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” Reportedly Extended For Two More Seasons Without Jo Bo Ah, tvN Comments

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“Tale of the Nine Tailed” is reportedly being extended for two more seasons.

The tvN drama which aired in October 2020 has been in talks to produce multiple seasons according to various news outlets.

According to multiple drama officials on September 27, “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” has been extended by two more seasons which will be shot back to back.

“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” is a fantasy drama about a nine-tailed fox who settles in the city and a producer who begins to chase him. “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” aired in October of 2020 and ended with a maximum rating of 5.8%.

However, the report stated female lead Jo Bo Ah will not be returning for the subsequent seasons. The production team is working on casting a new female lead. Season two will focus on the Japanese colonial era and season three will move back to the Joseon Dynasty. Both seasons are planned for 10 episodes each.

In response to the reports, tvN confirmed they were in positive discussions for a second season, however, the lineup and airing date is still undecided. The second season will have 16 episodes and the director from the first season will also be working on the second one.

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My personal thoughts- by Jass K.

This is a bit unexpected! I rarely saw anyone say they wanted a second season of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed.” The drama was not the biggest success in terms of ratings or hype overseas so the decision to return with a second season feels a bit odd.

The first season had 16 episodes and back then, I talked about how I felt it didn’t need to be this long, I wonder what exactly they have to tell that requires 16 more episodes of content. I am not against a second season, but I am surprised by the news. When I think of a tvN drama that needs a second season, this isn’t one that comes to mind especially with the way it ended.

By Hilda Moore

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