Super Junior Ryeowook Delivers The Most Savage Response To A ‘Fan’ Asking Him To Either Lose Weight Or Leave His Group

Super Junior Ryeowook recent clap back at a ‘fan’ is so epic it has become one of the top trending news articles.

Kpop idols deal with unnecessary hate all the time and many of the comments are often baffling. This one so-called fan comment gained Super Junior Ryeowook’s response.

The ‘fan’ left a comment on one of Super Junior Ryeowook’s videos on YouTube, the comment reads,

“Ryeowook-ah… let’s go on a diet already, just because you’re dating is that a reason to be lazy with your image? If that’s how it is, then how can you keep making money off of fans…

Just leave the group and open a cafe with your girlfriend or something. As someone who has been a fan for 10 years, I pity you.”

Ryeowook responded with,

“You pity me.. well, I pity you.

You liked me for 10 years. That’s kind of scary. I wonder if it was that throughout the past 10 years the person you loved wasn’t me but the act of being someone’s devoted fan.

I hope you will be able to look at yourself as who you really are. Also, I didn’t make the money that I made because of you, I made the money by working hard. The time that I spent on this career is filled with effort you can’t even begin to imagine, and it is my own path.

Don’t talk carelessly. And don’t live hurting someone. That energy you are spending is such a waste. Don’t love anyone else either and live alone forever. So you’re not able to hurt anyone else.”

Ryeowook’s stern response has earned him praise from netizens, it is very rare for an idol to be this upfront when confronting a hate comment.

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