Stray Kids Hyunjin and aespa’s Karina were rumored to be dating and the ‘proof’ will have you scratching your head.

Recently, a netizen noticed that Stray Kids Hyunjin’s phone background looked somewhat similar to a selfie aespa’s Karina had recently shared. This was shared online with people making parallels between the background and Karina’s selfie. This led to the beginning of the dating rumors between the two idols.

What added fuel to the rumors was how netizens began to compare things Hyunjin and Karina did, such as having matching Dear U Bubble names, they both have blue hearts and added -ie at the back of their names. The mounting ‘proofs’ made Hyunjin and Karina’s dating rumors grow in popularity on social media.

Stray Kids Hyunjin seems to have become aware of the ridiculous dating rumors, he indirectly shut them down via Bubble.

He took to Bubble and shared the lock screen that caused the debate. He said, ‘my phone background… [followed by the picture]… my heart fluttered watching a drama so here is a croquis.’

For clarify, a croquis is a quick sketch done in 30 seconds to one minute.

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