Netflix’s “Squid Game” Find Massive Success Overseas, Debuts At The Top Of Netflix Series Worldwide

Netflix’s “Squid Game” is a hit!

The newly aired Netflix drama “Squid Game” has been the center of attention, the drama has received many positive reactions from fans and critics.

It has been recently revealed that as of September 20, Netflix’s “Squid Game” is the No. 2 show in the list of “The Top 10 Series Worldwide On Netflix” and “Top 10 Series In The U.S Today.”

“Squid Game” is led by Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha Jun, Jung Ho Yeon, and more. It tells the story of 456 contestants who compete in a deadly survival game for the prize of 45.6 billion won.

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Due to its massive success, many fans have been demanding to see a second season of the series.

Have you seen “Squid Game” yet?

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