SF9 Youngbin Apologizes For His Controversial Remarks Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines

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SF9 Youngbin has come under fire for his recent remarks on V Live.

In a recent V Live broadcast, the SF9 leader shared his thoughts on the vaccine, what he had to say gained massive backlash from netizens, he said,

“They said the vaccine hurts, so I didn’t get it. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll get covid even if I don’t get vaccinated because I am not exposed to the dangers of the virus. But I am a bit scared because a lot of my acquaintances have contracted it. Seems like you’ll get COVID-19 even if you get vaccinated, so I wonder if I have to.”

Youngbin’s remarks were shared all over social media and he got backlash for what he said about vaccines, as a result, he ended up issuing an apology shortly after to his group’s fan cafe. He wrote,

“I am sorry for causing concern to all the people who watched my vaccine-related remarks. I deeply reflect and apologize for my careless remarks in a broadcast watched by many people. I apologize.

Also, I will be vaccinated as soon as possible and I will correct my misguided thoughts and be more careful and mindful with my words and actions in the future. I am very sorry.”

What do you think of SF9 Youngbin’s remarks?

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