Famous Korean Actress Seo Yi Sook has stepped up again to deny rumors that she’s dead, what’s going on and why are such rumors spreading to begin with?

On September 20, fans were shocked when a post on an online community claimed that Actress Seo Yi Sook was found dead, the title of the post says, “Exclusive: Actress Seo Yi Sook passed away from a heart attack.”

The netizen who made this post designed it to look as real as possible, taking the form and even the reporter’s name from a legitimate media outlet. The post falsely claims Seo Yi Sook had passed away at her house the day before.

The media outlet in question had to also step up and deny having written an article like this. Later, her agency issued a statement to news outlets to confirm they will be filing a lawsuit against the spreading of such fake rumors.

The odd thing about it is how this isn’t the first time this year that a netizen had claimed Seo Yi Sook passed away. It happened earlier in July as well, back then, it was denied by the agency. Even Seo Yi Sook’s agency is baffled by the spread of such false rumors and has decided to take legal action to stop the spread of such harmful rumors.

Seo Yi Sook is a popular Korean actress who has appeared in many supporting roles in dramas such as “Hotel Del Luna,” “Start-Up,” “The World of the Married,” and many more.

She’s currently reviewing her next work.

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