Fans Deeply Concerned About LOONA’s Future After Korean Media Outlets Report Agency Facing Financial Crisis

LOONA’s Future is a topic of concern to fans after a recent report!

On September 28, Korean media outlet Sports World exclusively reported that Block Berry Create [LOONA’s agency] is currently facing a severe financial crisis.

The report cites several industry insiders who reported that Block Berry Create has been unable to pay due wages to outsourced employees that were previously hired to work for LOONA. As a result, they have been ultimately order to ‘halt all work.’

The insiders estimate Block Berry Create is facing as much as several 100 million KRW (approximately $85,000~$760,000) in unpaid wages on top of employee taxes, insurance, and other owed expenses.

Block Berry Create has issued a statement to assure fans they’re doing the best they can to pay back all the unpaid amounts, however, insiders continue to claim it will be difficult for the agency to resolve its trouble any time soon.

Fans are worried about LOONA’s future as a result.

Stay tuned for updates!


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