Kim Seon Ho and YoonA will be starring in an upcoming romantic comedy movie.

On September 13, Kim Seon Ho And YoonA’s agencies confirmed they have been cast in the upcoming movie “Date at 2 PM.” The movie is a romantic comedy about two neighbors. YoonA is taking on the role of the female lead living on the floor below the male lead’s [Kim Seon Ho] place.

“Date at 2 PM” will be directed by Lee Sang Geun who previously directed “Exit,” the movie is scheduled to begin shooting in March 2022.

Kim Seon Ho is currently starring in the hit tvN drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” while YoonA has recently been confirmed for upcoming drama with Lee Jong Suk.


  1. It is a shame that the minute these actors, male or female,start to become known, personal drama arises from years back, to break them and shatter their hard work. She could have kept the alleged fetus if in fact it is true. It does not seem like she was forced into doing anything or dragged down by force to get rid of the alleged fetus. She could have kept it and raised it on her own but it does not seem like she wanted to either. On the other hand, actors need to concentrate on their craft and not involve anyone on their way up to stardom. There are so many actors that are just concentrating on their career and nothing else.


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