Actors Jung Ae Youn and Kim Jin Geun have divorced.

On September 8, news outlets began to report that the famous actor couple had been divorced for a couple of months and that Kim Jin Geun has gotten custody of their son.

An official from Jung Ae Youn’s agency confirmed it to Star news, stating that Jung Ae Youn had recently filed for divorce from Kim Jin Geun. However, the agency didn’t elaborate on the reason behind their divorce or who got the custody of their son.

Jung Ae Youn and Kim Jin Geun have met in a play in 2001 and developed into lovers, they married in 2009 and in 2010, welcomed a son. They had previously shown their family lifestyle in a variety show.

Jung Ae Youn has recently appeared in “Devil Judge” and “Move to Heaven,” while Kim Jin Geun has appeared in many dramas such as “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” and “The Last Empress.”

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