Former AOA Member Jimin Said To Be Living Isolated After The Controversy

Recently, there have been updates about the whereabouts of Former AOA Member Jimin.

Various Korean news outlets have recently reported that an alleged neighbor of Former AOA Member Jimin has given an update on her whereabouts.

The neighbor alleges they live in the same building as Jimin and have seen her walk her dog occasionally, however, they noted that she walks with her head down.

The netizen said,

“I can’t see her face very well because she wears a mask but I can recognize it’s AOA Jimin. I don’t know whether she’s gotten skinnier, but I think its a pity that she goes around with her head down.”

Jimin is also said to be living her life completely secluded after her departure from the entertainment industry and is said to have not kept in contact with many people since what had happened. Close acquaintances reportedly told news outlets they weren’t aware of Jimin’s status, stating it was “unknown.”

Jimin has previously departed AOA and the entire entertainment industry after Mina accused her of bullying her for 10 years, she’s since disappeared and not much is known about her whereabouts.

With the recent revelations by Dispatch, fans are growing increasingly concerned about Jimin’s current state.

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