Jessi Tearfully Admits What She Wants Isn’t Money Or Fame But To Raise A Family And Have Children

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Jessi is moving fans hearts with her recent admission on “The Sixth Sense 2.”

On the latest episode of the hit variety show, the cast visits unusual physiological counselors and therapists in an attempt to figure out who was real and who was fake.

The first one they meet is a color psychologist, Jessi was asked to choose two colors that represent her the most, she picked orange and coral.

The psychologist told her that orange represents her exterior, she wants to be loved and acknowledged and to be able to express herself freely, the other color coral represents her inner side, the psychologist elaborated,

“She really likes taking care of others. She also has a feminine side and if she gets married, she’d be great at raising her kids. This color represents maternal love.”

After hearing this, Jessi teared up and became emotional, she said,

“Wait a second! She just said if I had kids, I’d be great at raising them. Of course, I’d be great at raising kids.

I really want to have kids these days. I want to have three kids.”

Jessi then took a moment to collect herself after tearing up and admitted this,

“I’ll make a confession here, I really mean this. While working in the music industry, I came to find money and fame but I’ve realized that those things don’t mean anything. I wasn’t happy, because what I wanted was a family, my dream was [she tears up again]…”

What do you think of Jessi’s admission?

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