Popular Kpop Idol Shocks Fans By Revealing How Companies Now Support Kpop Idols Who Want To Date


Popular Kpop Idol VIXX’s Hyuk has surprised fans with what he had to say about kpop idols dating and how it has evolved in recent years.

On the newest episode of the show “It’s Unnie’s Treat,” one of the MCs asked VIXX’s Hyuk about how idols are secretly dating these days.

Hyuk surprised her by his openness to the question and by how he answered it, he revealed that its a given that celebrities and idols date, however, unlike what most kpop fans expect, companies actually take care of the idols who want to date.

Hyuk said,

“Companies know this [that idols want to date] and they actually care for the celebrities when they’re dating.

The agencies know that even if dating is banned, all idols will still date in secret.

So the young celebrities would have a hard time wherever they go.

Thus, the agencies plan a dating course so they could manage the couple, sometimes they provide private places within the company grounds. It’s about protecting their artists instead of being caught outside.”

VIXX Hyuk answered surprised kpop fans as kpop entertainment agencies are notorious for being strict with idols dating, some agencies even implement a dating ban to discourage idols from getting into dating ‘controversies,’ the dating bans are always a point of discussion among fans. Some agencies CEOs even openly discuss the dating ban on various TV shows.

Hyuk’s answer to the question is welcomed by fans who are happy to know that instead of banning idols from having a normal life and causing them further stress, companies are opting to protect them and provide them with a safe place to be with their partners.

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