Earlier today, Korean news outlets reported that the BTS Military Service Exemption Act will be discussed on September 9 at the National Defense Commission.

The subcommittee meeting that was held today was reportedly scheduled to discuss whether to include popular cultural artists to be exempt from serving the military via the proposed new amendment. The discussion was supposed to review whether BTS could receive military service benefits or not.

However, according to recent Korean media reports, the topic wasn’t discussed at the meeting, but why?

According to the latest reports, due to lengthy discussions on other issues during the meeting, there was no time to discuss what amendments to apply to ‘The BTS Military Service Exemption Act.’ However, news outlets also reported that the topic is planned to be discussed later this year.

‘The BTS Military Service Exemption Act’ was proposed by Yoon Sang Hyun, a member of the national assembly back in June. Previously, it was decided that individuals in the field of popular culture and arts who contribute to enhancing the national status could postpone their military enlistment. This would allow idols who fall under the category to postpone it until the age of 30, currently, all able Korean men must enlist by the age of 28.

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