Former GLAM Member Dahee Who Threatened Actor Lee Byung Hun Revealed To Be Earning Up To $600,000 As A BJ

The current occupation of former GLAM member Dahee has gained massive attention online.

In the past, former GLAM member Dahee made headlines everywhere after her massive controversy in 2014, where she attempted to threaten actor Lee Byung Hun for money, she claimed she had recorded footage of him dirty talking over drinks and threatened to release it unless he pays her money.

In 2015, she was found guilty in court for threatening and was sentenced to one year in prison, a couple of months later, at the request of Lee Byung Hun, the court gave Dahee a suspended sentence of probation for two years.

The massive controversy led to the disbandment of GLAM which was Big Hit’s [now HYBE] first and only girl group to date.

In 2018, Dahee began streaming as an Afreeca BJ under her real name Kim Si Won. She’s been making a name for herself and making a jaw-dropping living doing that.

Reports have recently said that BJ Kim Si Won has earned a total of 10,079,028 star balloons during her career on AfreecaTV. Star balloons are ways the BJ earns money and they’re sent as gifts from the viewers who enjoy their content. She has earned a total of 10,079,028 star balloons thus far, and since AfreecaTV takes approximately 30% of the revenue, she’s made an estimated 700 million won [approx. $598,000] thus far.

This is an estimation that doesn’t take into account into the personal donations viewers can make towards her directly, she’s also active as a YouTuber.

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