Rising Rookie Group GHOST9 Announces The Sudden Unexpected Departure Of Two Members, Why?

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Rookie group GHOST9 has announced the departure of two of its members, but why?

On September 5, Maroo Entertainment released a statement to announce that Lee Tae Seung and Hwang Dong Jun will be leaving their group.

According to Maroo Entertainment, they have reached this decision ‘after deep discussions with Lee Tae Seung and Hwang Dong Jun regarding their future careers.’ The agency says they’re respecting the members decision and have brought a conclusion to their activities as part of GHOST9.

The agency also revealed that GHOST9 is currently preparing to greet fans with a new album.

The announcement was so sudden and unexpected, it left fans wondering about what exactly happened that led to the departure of not one, but two members.

Later, Lee Tae Seung and Hwang Dong Jun uploaded handwritten letters to GHOST9 official fan cafe and it helped explain the reason for their sudden departure.

Lee Tae Seung explained that since he’ll be entering his twenties soon, he’s had worries and thought to himself often if this was the right path for him, he found himself lacking in self-confidence when promoting and felt bad for showing fans this side of him. After consulting with the other members and the agency, he decided to take some time off and organize his thought about his future career path, he’s come to this decision after that.

Hwang Dong Jun has also released a similar statement, he talked about deliberating his future career path before it gets too late and after much consideration, he talked to his members and the company and has come to the decision to depart his group.

GHOST9 debuted as nine members with the song “Think of Dawn” in September 2020.

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