AOA Hyejeong Rumored To Be Dating After Posting Photo With A Mysterious Man, FNC Explains

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AOA Hyejeong has been embroiled in dating rumors after her recent Instagram post.

On September 2, AOA Hyejeong posted selfies with a mysterious man, the two had their cheeks close to each other and looked very friendly, she captioned the post with, ‘no, this camera is nice?’

This led to netizens speculating on the type of relationship they had with some believing he is her boyfriend. She deleted the post almost immediately after posting it.

On September 3, FNC stepped up to explain the photos and answer the question of whether that man was AOA Hyejeong’s boyfriend.

FNC explained AOA Hyejeong is not dating the man in the photo and that they’re simply close friends who used to study together in high school. FNC stated they took photos as close friends by AOA Hyejeong deleted them after seeing how they could possibly cause misunderstandings.

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