Fans Furious With YG’s Lack Of Promotions For BLACKPINK Lisa’s Solo Debut, Trend “MORE PROMOTIONS FOR LISA”

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Fans are taking to social media to demand better promotions for BLACKPINK Lisa, but what has led to this?

BLACKPINK Lisa has recently made her solo debut and has been making and breaking records left and right. Her solo debut is the most successful kpop female idol solo debut, she’s doing well in terms of digital and physical album sales. However, fans think the promotions for her solo are lacking.

Aside from a few interviews and pre-filmed special stages, fans believe BLACKPINK Lisa hasn’t been able to promote her solo debut as much as she could and they blame YG for it.

For the past couple of hours, fans have been trending the phrase “MORE PROMOTIONS FOR LISA” on Twitter, the phrase has surpassed 350K mentions as of this writing. Fans are talking about her accomplishments and how the agency hasn’t been properly promoting Lisa as much as they could.

One of fans arguments is how her solo debut promotions don’t really help her reach a wider audience and will only be known among her fans.

Fans have also been pulling out a calendar of Lisa’s solo debut promotions and talking about how there is almost nothing planned.

The Fans who have been waiting for BLACKPINK Lisa solo debut for ages feel discouraged and disappointed as they believe she deserves better promotions to celebrate that.

What do you think of this?

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