Video Of TXT Members Bombarded By Cameras And Fans Without Bodyguards Goes Viral, Fans Demand Protection And Trend #Protect_TXT

TXT fans [MOA] are upset with HYBE and have been trending #Protect_TXT on Twitter to call for better security for TXT.

But why is this happening?

One fan has recently shared a video of the TXT members getting out of their cars in the parking lot, they were instantly bombarded by professional cameras and strong flashes from fans and journalists. What caught fans’ attention was how the members had no bodyguards around them to protect them and ensure their safety. The members had to walks through the chaos themselves. The members were pushed around and left no room to walk as the cameras got into their faces.

Fans believe this is a safety concern and that HYBE should do a better job in protecting TXT’s safety, they have begun trending the hashtag #Protect_TXT demanding a response from the agency, a response that promises better protection for the members.

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You can check out the viral video below!

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