ENHYPEN Will No Longer Perform At KCON:TACT HI 5 Due To Members COVID-19 Diagnosis

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ENHYPEN will not be performing at KCON:TACT HI 5!

On September 2, ENHYPEN’s agency BELIFT LAB revealed that five members of the group [Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon] have been diagnosed with COVID-19, along with the rest who have tested negative, the group will be entering self-quarantine.

After that statement, the agency announced via ENHYPEN’s official Twitter account that the group will no longer be performing at KCON:TACT HI 5 as previously scheduled. The event was scheduled for Sunday, September 19.

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This also puts other plans the group had on hold. Previously, it was reported that ENHYPEN was preparing for a comeback in late September, it is unknown whether their comeback plans will be affected by the recent news.

Wishing the ENHYPEN members a speedy and full recovery!

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