Upcoming OCN Drama “Chimera” will premiere this October!

“Chimera” is about a present-day case that is found to be related to an explosion and series of murders in 1984 known as the Chimera Incident. It will follow the main characters as they track down the criminal and uncover various secrets between the two cases. It will premiere on October 30.

Park Hae Soo will play the role of violent crimes detective Cha Jae Hyun, a perfectionist when it comes to investigations.

Claudia Kim will play the role of profiler Yoo Jin who previously worked for the FBI after being adopted by an American family at a young age.

Lee Hee Joon will play the role of doctor Lee Joong Yeob who was adopted by a British family at a young age, he comes back to Korea after becoming a doctor and gets caught in these mysterious incidents.

“Chimera” will be helmed by Kim Do Hoon, who previously led “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” and written by Lee Jin Mae, who has written “Ex-Girlfriend Club.”


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