Photo Of BTS’s V Without A Mask In Public In New York Causes A Heated Debate Among K-Netizens, Was He In The Right Or Wrong?

BTS’s V has been spotted in public by fans and his photos are stirring a heated debate!

BTS members are currently in New York to attend various events including those with the President of South Korea as cultural envoys.

On one online community form, what gained attention was a photo of BTS V out in public, the photo was captured by someone and the idol was spotted without a mask on. The netizen who created the highly debated online post posed two questions. Opinion one was that since there are not many restrictions in the U.S, this wasn’t a big deal, opinion two was about how it was not okay for BTS V to be not wearing a mask in public since he has to eventually return to Korea.

A reminder, Big Hit had previously confirmed BTS members and their staff received their vaccinations ahead of the beginning of the group’s trip to the U.S.

The post garnered many responses with netizens weighing in from all sides, South Korea is currently implementing many restrictions due to the rise in COVID-19 cases unlike the U.S which has relaxed it’s restrictions [laws differ by state].

The k-netizens who didn’t think this was an issue talked about how since BTS V is in America and their laws are different regarding it this shouldn’t be a big deal. Others talked about how he was in public and it could have been that he was out only for a couple of moments but was captured on camera.

The k-netizens who thought this was an issue talked about how even if wearing masks isn’t a requirement in the U.S, BTS V should have still worn it, some also worried about the possibility of V contracting the virus overseas and bringing it to South Korea.

Thoughts on this issue? Do you think BTS V was in the wrong for not wearing a mask or not?

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3 thoughts on “Photo Of BTS’s V Without A Mask In Public In New York Causes A Heated Debate Among K-Netizens, Was He In The Right Or Wrong?”

  1. He’s fine. I’m fully vaccinated and I sometimes take off my mask due to it being extremely hot over in the U.S. Not to mention, it was only from the car to the hotel garage, the K-netizens always got something to groan about over the little stuff. I bet a lot of them walk around without masks sometimes themselves the hypocrites! I’ve seen videos of K-netizens walking around not wearing masks themselves whether outside or inside an establishment!

  2. All an attmept to ignore the fact that despite Hybe urging people not to go to their personal spaces/visit airports but people did not listen.. where is the k-neitzens reaction to that?!
    He walked from the car into his hotel garage… not a lot of ground covered there.. and if people listened and stayed at home, he wouldn’t be coming into contact with anyone and bringing anything home as they fear. As usual.. over exaggeration and bullying from k-neitzens.

  3. I’m not sure of what the restrictions are up in NYC but in Virginia (where I live) it’s required when you’re indoors. However if you’re outdoors it depends on if you’re at an event or just outside. I’m fully vaccinated but I still wear a mask at work (not only because of company regulations) or at the grocery store. Tae probably took his mask off to get some fresh air before heading inside.


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