BTS Suga has something to say to the people who didn’t think BTS should have attended the 76th United Nations General Assembly!

A couple of days ago, BTS attended the 76th United Nations General Assembly and gave a speech. Fans responses were overwhelmingly positive and the boys were praised for their kind messages. However, their appearance was also met with some backlash as some people wondered why a group would appear at the meeting.

During a V Live session on September 22, Suga personally addressed the backlash, he said,

“I heard a lot of people say, aren’t you singers? Why are you there? We are aware of that. We went to promote the SDG and raise awareness. Please don’t look at it with a lot of prejudice.

We attended knowing our role, we were speakers at the event. When we do interviews or when we do something like the UN, viewers ratings do matter. During the event, the interviewers said the previous sessions had limited number of views. They told us the views went up when we participated in the event.”

The other BTS members also chimed in and said they fulfilled their role since a lot of people tuned in.

Meanwhile, BTS has recently dropped their new collaboration with Coldplay.

Do you think BTS should have attended the meeting?

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  1. Obrigada por compartilhar notícias do kpop,sou uma senhora de 64 anos mas me sinto muito animada com as músicas e Kdramas Coreanos.Precisamos nos aventurar e conhecer culturas novas.


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