BTS Jungkook Reportedly Gifts His Brother A $3.4 Million Apartment

BTS Jungkook is making headlines after a recent report by Biz Korea.

According to Biz Korea, BTS Jungkook had reportedly gifted an apartment for his older brother back in December of 2020. The apartment is reportedly located in a prime location in Seoul near the National Joongang Museum and Yongsan Park.

It is reportedly worth around 4,000,000,000 won ($3,400,000).

According to the report, Jungkook had in fact purchased the apartment two years ago in July of 2019 but right now the apartment is registered under his brother’s name

The report has made headlines as netizens reacted to the news, many are jealous of Jungkook’s older brother. Jungkook is again being praised for being the perfect brother.

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