BLACKPINK Lisa Surprises Fans With Photos Of Herself Without Bangs For The First Time Ever

BLACKPINK Lisa has posted new photos and they’re getting attention because it marks a huge change in her style from what fans are used to.

On September 21, BLACKPINK Lisa posted a series of photos to her Instagram showing a completely new hairstyle.

Since her debut with BLACKPINK, Lisa has always had bangs, she never showed her forehead. Many fans had long wished to see a new hairstyle but Lisa was always styled with bangs no matter what the styling was.

However, in the recently shared photos, BLACKPINK Lisa can be seen without bangs, she had hair curls on her forehead and it marked the first time she’s revealed it since her debut.

This came as a surprise because Lisa had previously stated through “Knowing Brothers” that she wouldn’t show her forehead even if she was given an advertisement deal to do it.

BLACKPINK Lisa has recently explained that she got rid of her bangs and tried something new since her fans wanted it.

What do you think of Lisa’s look without bangs?