ATEEZ has finally made it’s debut on Billboard 200 chart with their latest hit album “ZERO : FEVER Part.3”!

“ZERO : FEVER Part.3” has been breaking records left and right, it has become the most successful album the group has released to date. “ZERO : FEVER Part.3” has become the 5th highest first-week sales in Hanteo history.

On September 20, it was revealed that “ZERO : FEVER Part.3” had made it to Billboard 200 chart. The famous chart ranks the most popular albums in the U.S. ATEEZ members have previously spoken about dreaming of earning a spot on the chart.

“ZERO : FEVER Part.3” debuted on the chart at the #42 position, which is quite impressive for a first listing. Fans have been celebrating the happy news trending the hashtag #ATEEZonBB200 on Twitter.

Congratulations ATEEZ!


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