A Kid Mistakenly Messages Kim Woo Bin Asking For Snacks, His Adorable Response Will Melt Your Heart

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Kim Woo Bin has recently received a message from a kid by mistake and his response has gone viral.

Recently, a screenshot of a conversation Kim Woo Bin had with a kid named Yuri went viral after the actor shared it on his Instagram account. The kid mistakes Kim Woo Bin for her uncle, she messages the wrong number and asks for snacks.

The conversation went as follows!

  • Yuri: buy snacks please
  • Yuri: ahjussi this is Yuri
  • Yuri: please buy dog snacks
  • Kim Woo Bin: Yuri, I think you’ve contacted the wrong number.

Yuri is likely a child and netizens are praising Kim Woo Bin’s kind response to the child.

Kim Woo Bin is starring in two upcoming films “Wiretap” and “The Alien,” he’s also in talks for a new drama “Our Blues” by famous Screenwriter No Hee Kyung.


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