“Nevertheless” Rising Actress Yang Hye Ji Revealed To Be The Niece Of This Famous Korean Veteran Actor

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“Nevertheless” Rising Actress Yang Hye Ji is making headlines after fans found out who her uncle is.

Rising Actress Yang Hye Ji has been making a name for herself in the industry for a while now and has recently gained attention for starring in the popular JTBC drama “Nevertheless,” in which she received rave reviews for her acting chops.

Yang Hye Ji turned out to have a famous relative. This veteran actor is known by possibly every kdrama fan. Her uncle is the veteran actor Ahn Nae Sang.

Ahn Nae Sang is a veteran actor that has been in the industry since 1994. He has made a name for himself playing a variety of roles across the years. He’s starred in many famous kdramas including The Moon Embracing The Sun, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Mouse, Law School, and most recently The Devil’s Judge.

Media reports state that Ahn Nae Sang is Yang Hye Ji’s uncle on her mother’s side, meaning her mother and the actor are siblings.

Yang Hye Ji had also previously touched on this interesting fact about herself saying that the industry somehow knew about it. Yang Hye Ji also shared she had contacted her uncle previously for acting advice.


Fans are falling for actress Yang Hye Ji and her charms, while “Nevertheless” has ended it’s run a couple of days ago, fans are already excited for her next work.

Are you a fan of the actress?

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