China’s Biggest Social Media Platform Weibo Deletes Kris Wu’s Official Accounts + His Music Removed From Music Streaming Sites Too

Kris Wu’s Official Weibo accounts have been wiped.

On August 1st, Weibo announced that they have shut down 108 accounts and 789 groups violating its community guidelines in regards to the ongoing controversy with Kris Wu.

On the list, his accounts were included, this extends to his personal account and his label official accounts, they are no longer accessible on the platform.

Fan community accounts were either deleted or suspended, anyone who has stepped up to defend him had their accounts either deleted or suspended, but that’s not the only news.

His music has been taken down from Chinese music streaming sites with the exception of a couple of collaboration songs.

Weibo continues to deplatform his fan communities with two of his biggest fan clubs accounts removed, Kris Bar and Kris Global Fanclub have been removed.

Kris Wu has been detained by police recently.

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