Song Joong Ki Act Of Kindness During Quarantine Goes Viral, Promoting Disability Awareness Festival Free Of Charge

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Song Joong Ki has gone viral again, and this time it’s for his act of kindness towards a festival that needed the promotion.

On August 2, a netizen gained attention after sharing their story of interacting with Song Joong Ki.

The netizen explained that they were part of the Korea International accessible Dance Festival (KIADA) which is a special dance event for people with disabilities.

The netizen explained that despite the event being international, it’s not well known to the public and they weren’t able to get advertisement opportunities either since it’s not a commercial event. Due to the pandemic, advertising has gotten even more difficult.

The person says they were able to obtain the actor’s email after hearing that he was in quarantine during July. Song Joong Ki had previously entered quarantine after an acquaintance of him tested positive for covid-19.

The netizen reached out to the actor and asked him if it was possible he could record a 30-second video on his cell phone back when he was staying at his home, Song Joong Ki proceeded to ask for 6 years worth of material on their event and they didn’t hear back from him for a while.

A month later, Song Joong Ki sent a video. In the video, he is dressed in a suit and it is shot professionally. The netizen says all of the people at the organization were so touched By His Kind actions, they weren’t able to pay him anything and they only asked for a cell phone recording, but he was still able to deliver with his own time and money and he did it free of charge.

When the story was shared, netizens couldn’t stop talking about just how much they admire the actor. They showered him with praise for his kind actions during such difficult times.

You can check out the video below!

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