Red Velvet Triple Their First-Week Sales With “Queendom” + Achieves An Astonishing Record

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Red Velvet‘s newest album “Queendom” is doing very well!

“Queendom” was released last week, it marks the group’s first comeback after a long hiatus.

On August 24, Hanteo Chart officially announced that the album had sold an impressive total of 207,399 copies in the first week of its release. This is impressive for two reasons, first, Red Velvet managed to nearly triple their previous full-group first-week sales record of 71,431 set by “The ReVe Festival: Day 1,” second, the group managed to achieve the second-highest first-week sales of any album released by a girl group in 2021, the number one spot is held by TWICE‘s “Taste of Love.”

Congratulations to Red Velvet!

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