Red Velvet Members React To Joy’s Dating News + Joy’s Response

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Red Velvet Members have reacted to the dating news of Joy the sweetest way possible.

On August 24, the Red Velvet Members appeared as a whole as guests on “” The group is currently promoting their latest comeback.

During the show, the members were asked about what they had done first when they got home yesterday. Irene said, ‘I searched Joy’s name,’ Wendy said, ‘I looked up my phone,’ while Yeri said, ‘I browsed the internet.’

Joy; who appeared to be slightly taken aback by the question; answered, ‘why did you ask me a question like this?’ She also said she’s aware of netizens’ support for her relationship with Crush saying, ‘I’ve seen what’s on the internet.’

Joy and Crush confirmed they are dating a couple of days ago, both Joy and Crush have released posts addressing the news, Joy apologized to fans while Crush talked about how much Joy makes him laugh.

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