“Penthouse 3” Episode 12 Recap- Are Joo Dan Tae And Shim Su Ryeong Dead?


The “Penthouse 3” episode 12 aired last night and had one of the series most shocking ending scenes that hint at the possibility of the death of the two main characters.

Today, I am here to quickly recap “Penthouse 3” episode 12 and share my thoughts on the madness.

It’s important to point out that “Penthouse 3” was originally scheduled to end with 12 episodes, however, it was extended by two more episodes, the final episode will be held on September 10.

Note: this is a subjective review. I will share my personal opinion while keeping in mind how others might perceive it. This is a spoiler review

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

The “Penthouse 3” episode 12 recap


The “Penthouse 3” resumes with the shocking ‘death’ of Cheon Soo Jin’s character who is somehow able to survive the chandelier that dropped into her body.

Seok-Kyung hands herself to the police, her mother and brother come for her, Shim Su Ryeong ends up telling the police where Joo Dan Tae is right now. They take Seok-Kyung to have lunch and after a conversation, she breaks down and is comforted by her mother. She goes back with them.

Meanwhile, the doctors find out that Dr. Ha’s brain tumor is a big issue when they open him up.


On the other hand, Cheon Soo Jin wakes up. She is unable to recognize those around her. They find out she has dementia and it’s progressing fast.


Meanwhile, through a series of events, Joo Dan Tae breaks free from the mental hospital and the police are alerted. They decide to publicize his information and expose everything he’s done, they also offer a $2 million reward for information leading to his arrest.


Joo Dan Tae calls Seok-Hoon and asks for his help, of course, his mother is there to see to it. They ambush him at the port but he manages to narrowly escape. He is now being chased by literally everyone.

Shim Su Ryeong and Logan also decide to hold their engagement in the Hera palace and lure him there. Shim Su Ryeong also ends up buying all the apartments at the palace.

Dr. Ha’s condition is bad and they don’t know if he’ll ever wake up. Ro Na visits him in the ICU and cries wishing he’d wake up.

Shim Su Ryeong hands Ro Na a ticket so she can go study overseas, she originally says she’ll wait for Dr. Ha to wake up but Shim Su Ryeong convinces her to go saying it will take a while until he wakes up. She leaves in two weeks.


Joo Dan Tae is almost caught by police, he ends up narrowly escaping multiple times and later decides to give himself a face scar (?). He shows up at Secretary Jo’s mother’s hospital and asks later for explosives that are even more deadly than the last one, for some reason, he actually gives it to him but is later beaten up for telling him he could hurt many innocent lives.


Despite Secretary Jo promising not to betray him, he ends up calling someone and Joo Dan Tae surprises him from behind, he hits his head and then throws him off, he dies.


D-day [Shim Su Ryeong and Logan’s engagement ceremony]


Logan is somewhat aware of Joo Dan Tae being there, Joo Dan Tae ends up sneaking in, he implants the explosives everywhere around the palace and goes into his old room, he dresses up and then calls them to let them know unless they show up there, he will blow up the place. Logan goes to alert everyone and evacuate the place. Chaos ensues.

She shows up at their apartment and he says he will take her with him to the fiery pit, she pulls out a gun and tells him not to press the button, he gets shot twice in his chest but doesn’t die. After a struggle, he injures her and escapes her grip, he then goes near the window saying, ‘let us go together,’ she shoots him in the head, but it’s too late, he presses the button as he was shot. He falls to the fountain and is obviously dead.


The Hera palace explodes, it is hinted that Shim Su Ryeong dies with the explosion.

The “Penthouse 3” episode 12 review


There is absolutely no way you can make this sh*t up, its beyond mind-boggling at this stage.

I dont understand why the screenwriter keeps ‘killing’ the bad guys then bring them to life again in the next episode, and the ways she kills them off is not easy to come back from, I just don’t understand her, why did she do this to her drama?

This episode obviously cost a lot of money, you can see it all around, it is so sad that the plot is this bad. You don’t only have to watch this drama turning your brain off, you’d have to also beat your head into the wall to make sure no part of it will even question this madness.

And despite all of that, “Penthouse 3” episode 12 ratings fell…. It is so sad above all else, because you know, they had everything in their power to salvage this drama, you can clearly tell they’re doing it for the money purely.

There is no issue with that in most cases, no one wants to work for free, but it is sad to have done a relatively okay job in season 1 and 2 only to do this in season 3. And you can clearly tell the entire production doesn’t really care for an ounce of sense anymore.

I highly doubt Shim Su Ryeong and Joo Dan Tae are dead, we will wait to see how she manages to salvage this one too. This could’ve been a great ending for the drama with Shim Su Ryeong dying with the explosion signaling the end of all of it, how will she [the screenwriter] carry on with ep 13 and 14 is honestly not something I can even begin to comprehend.

The biggest issue with her approach is that you can’t even enjoy any bad character’s death because you know they’ll likely bring them back, so it renders the entire project even more useless than it ever needed to be.

Even with her absurd approach to everything, with a little sense, this season could’ve easily turned out better, there are so many solutions she could’ve chosen but it feels to me that she’s so iiiinnnn over her head she can’t even begin to think of any other way out besides what she’s doing right now.

So what did you guys think of this episode?

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2 thoughts on ““Penthouse 3” Episode 12 Recap- Are Joo Dan Tae And Shim Su Ryeong Dead?”

  1. Most stupid episode ever, they bait jdt to come for their engagement party but did not plan security and servailsnce to catch him? The almighty Logan, who is always one step ahead, is not around while the girlfriend fought with jdt alone ?

  2. Writer Kim Sun-OK is mentally not OK – her storyline in every episode has too many plot holes, all of which are illogical.

    This goes to show that this Kim Sun-OK is not a logical person and does not think rationally. I will avoid all future drama written by this person.

    However, I do enjoy watching up-and-coming actor Kim Young-dae – so manly, so cute. Really enjoy watching him whenever he appears on screen.


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