Outsourced Design Company Apologizes For Plagiarizing American Band Downtown Boys Poster Used In NCT 127’s “STICKER” Teaser Image


American Band Downtown Boys has publicly called out the people who designed a teaser poster for NCT 127’s “STICKER”!

On August 25, Downtown Boys took to Twitter to share NCT Johnny’s “STICKER” teaser image, in the background, one image was the subject of controversy. The band wrote,

“NCT just directly stole a poster of ours from Harrisburg in 2016. lol, guys. It’s literally just funny. this aint about the boys! none of us boys! <3”


The next day, the company SM hired for designing the props took to their social media to apologize. They wrote,

“We deeply apologize to the artist and graphic designer for modifying and using the poster of Downtown Boys without permission.”

The company explained that when they were commissioned for the art design, a company’s designer employee who had been a fan of Downtown Boys knew of the original poster,

“When it was used as a background prop for the project, they thought it would go well with the mood of the image. They thought the graphic would work in the form of an homage through modification. However, as a result, it caused damage to the work of Downtown Boys and the original graphic designer.”

The company also apologized to SM NCT 127 for the damage caused and promised to be more careful next time.

NCT 127 returns with their upcoming full-length album “STICKER” on September 17

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