This Famous Idol-Turned-Actor Followed A Drunk Driver And Helped Police Apprehend Them

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Famous Idol-Turned-Actor U-KISS Lee Jun Young is making headlines for his kind gesture.

On August 25 around 9:35 PM KST, Lee Jun Young and his manager spotted a vehicle in front of them driving dangerously, the driver appeared to be drunk-driving. They managed to read the car’s license plate number, and the manager continued to follow the vehicle.

Via news outlets, it was reported that they followed the vehicle for close to an hour and helped police apprehending the intoxicated driver.

JTBC News also managed to acquired black box footage from Lee Jun Young’s vehicle, you can hear his voice in the background speaking to police on the phone. He also agreed to have his phone tracked so the police could arrive sooner to that location, he also agreed to have his black box footage used as evidence in the investigation that started as a result.

The news went viral and Lee Jun Young was praised for his kind gesture and for potentially saving lives with his actions since drunk drivers are known for being dangerous and prone to more car accidents.

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