Kwon Mina Regains Consciousness Following Suicide Attempt, Returns To Social Media With A Warning To Malicious Commenters

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Kwon Mina has returned to social media after deactivating her account for a couple of days.

TW: discussion of suicide.

Kwon Mina had attempted to take her own life on July 29, luckily, she was found by an acquaintance and was not in a life-threatening state.

On August 4, she returned to Instagram with a new post addressing people accusing her of cosplaying as the victim and addressing the malicious comments as well.

She also addressed her ex-boyfriend Mr. Yoo who made a statement in which he says that her mother had sent him about 20 pictures of her self-harm. She says she’s well aware of her mistakes and actions that have gone too far but following the controversy with her ex-boyfriend, people have taken to bring back the controversy relating to the bullying issue with Jimin.

Thus, the malicious comments became even more severe, Kwon Mina says she’s the victim was suffered the longest and it’s not a fake exaggeration, she only revealed she has severe depression and it’s not schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

However, due to the serious incident that happened this time, some people have been spreading false information about her, she said,

“I’d rather you use indiscriminate language rather than that. The agency has already collected a lot of data and captured it, so please don’t think about erasing it since we already have screenshots of them. Especially since they’re words everyone was so certain of.

I will reveal just what is true and what is false through a lawsuit, even though it’s something that won’t all be erased cleanly.

I’m sorry for making a scene and causing an uproar every time, however, if you become me for one day, I don’t think you would even bring yourself to say that.

I’ve had a difficult time and it’s difficult to every situation involving Ms. Shin [Jimin], Mr. Yoo, and more..”

She also addresses the people who say they’re tired of her,

“PS. saying you are tired of me, that I repeat myself and that I cosplay as the victim. You bring up names of other members of saying that you feel sorry for them for meeting a person like me… what kind of person am I, and why have I come to repeat the same words and who are the people that made me bring up the story again after I’ve been quiet?

There will be no leniency for the people who are talking as if they know everything without even knowing my Side of the Story well. I’m confident and if my words are false exaggerations and lies, then file a complaint towards me. I’ll keep going until I can until my feelings of being wrong are elevated even if it was just a little.”

The post includes a screenshot of text messages from someone stating that she was also a victim of Jimin and that she is fine with her sharing her messages because she is willing to testify for her.

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