Korean Actress Sleeps With Her Cousin’s Husband, Ordered To Pay Compensation By The Court, Why?

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Korean Actress ‘A’ has been ordered to pay compensation by the court after cheating with her cousin’s husband who was a doctor.

According to Korean media Outlets reports on August 3, the Final ruling regarding this case has been made. Actress ‘A’ was ordered to pay about 30 million won ($26,138.57) in consolation money to the cousin after cheating with her husband.

In April of last year, rumor said that the actress had set up a living space with the husband; a doctor; who is 14 years older than her. At the time this happened, the cousin kindly suggested Actress ‘A’ help her husband as a receptionist at his hospital since she was not able to find consistent work as a re-enactment actress, rumors suggest this was the start of the extramarital affair between both of them.

They attempted to move in together and went on exorbitant shopping sprees, they also frequently stayed with each other overnight.

Actress ‘A’ attempted to deny that in court saying that she went to a hotel with the brother-in-law but didn’t have any inappropriate relationship with him and that they only spent fell asleep after eating and drinking. The court refused to accept her plea and ordered her to pay the compensation.

But why was she ordered to pay compensation?

This is due to the violation of the co-prosperity law in South Korea.

Who is Actress ‘A’?

The actress is said to not be well known to the public but has been receiving favorable reviews as the re-enactment actress. All the episodes that featured the actress have since been deleted from an unnamed series. The name of the actress has not been made public right now but this news became a trending topic in South Korean media Outlets.

do you think it was appropriate for her to pay a fine?

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