Kim Woo Bin has sent a thoughtful gift to EXO D.O!

On August 2, coffee truck company Coffee Pong revealed via an Instagram post that Kim Woo Bin sent a coffee truck to the set of EXO’s D.O. new film “The Moon” (literal title). The banner reads,

“I am rooting for the cast and crew of ‘The Moon.’ Please take good care of my Kyung Soo (D.O.’s real name).”

The truck contained many cute supportive messages for D.O such as “Don’t get hurt, Do Kyung Soo. Don’t get sick, Do Kyung Soo. Eat well, Do Kyung Soo. Sleep tight, Do Kyung Soo. Scream, Do Kyung Soo.”

Fans can’t stop talking about how adorably the actor has been showing support to D.O, they are known for being famous friends among a famous actors group of friends. He’s also known for always saying, “my Kyungsoo.”

Kim Woo Bin had also repeatedly shown his support for D.O’s solo debut.


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