Veteran Actress Kim Min Kyung has passed away.

According to several media reports, Veteran Actress Kim Min Kyung has passed away on August 16. Her mortuary has been set up in the first room of the funeral hall of Catholic University Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital in Banpo, Seoul. Her funeral will be observed by her close family members on August 18, 7 A.M. KST.

The reason behind her sudden tragic passing hasn’t been revealed by media outlets.

Actress Kim Min Kyung has been acting for over 40 years, she debuted in 1979 and has done many plays, movies, and dramas. She’s best known for playing the compassionate mother role in many hit movies and dramas.

She’s been part of many hit dramas including “Moon Embracing The Sun,” “When The Camellia Blooms,” “V.I.P,” “Mouse” and more.

The veteran actress also participated in the recently premiered movie “Pipeline” starring Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Eum Moon Sook.

She’s filmed for two more movies that are yet to be released. She is part of the upcoming 2021 movie “Spiritwalker” which stars Yoon Kye Sang, Park Yong Woo, Im Ji Yeon, Yoo Seung Mok, Park Ji Hwan, and more. She also played a role in the movie “Boston 1947” which was originally set to be released in 2020 but has been pushed back due to COVID-19. The movie is led by Ha Jung Woo, ZE:A’s Im Shi Wan, Bae Sung Woo, Kim Sang Ho, Park Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Joon, and more. 

Kim Min Kyung was only 60 years old when she passed away, the entertainment industry is mourning her tragic sudden passing.

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