Jeon Somi’s Shockingly Tiny Waist Worries Fans

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Jeon Somi has been making headlines for her weight loss and recently shared photos and videos are making fans a bit worried.

Jeon Somi recently came back with “DUMB DUMB,” the idol had shown her body measurements to her followers while preparing for her comeback, it was clear she’s lost a lot of weight preparing for this comeback.

On the August 3rd episode of the radio show ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope,’ Jeon Somi made a guest appearance to talk about her comeback and more. During the show, Jeon Somi wrapped her hands around her waist and said she could grab it with her hands.

When one viewer asked Jeon Somi how she exercised to achieve such a tiny waist, she responded,

“I think if you exercise your sides, you’ll get muscles there and the size of your wait will slim down bit by bit.”

Footage of the idol wrapping her hands around her waist made a buzz online as fans expressed shock at how much weight she’s lost, many fans are now worried about her health and hope she’s taking good care of herself.

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