Veteran Actor Kim Yong Gun [76] Facing Lawsuit For Pressuring 39-Years-Younger Pregnant Girlfriend To Abort The Baby

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One of the biggest and most reputable Korean actors is facing a lawsuit for asking his pregnant girlfriend to abort his child.

The shocking news was revealed via media Outlet dispatch. The 37-year-old woman [hereinafter ‘A’] sued him for forcing an abortion on her.

Pressuring someone to have an abortion is illegal in Korean civil laws.

It was revealed that back in 2008, Kim Yong Gun met her at the end of a show party, they had been in a relationship for 13 years.

She got pregnant this past March, she was 4 weeks pregnant when she told Kim Yong Gun about the news, however, he objected to the birth and asked her to abort the baby. As a result, ‘A’ decided to sue him and pointed a lawyer, through her lawyer, she stated, “I think it’s selfish and irresponsible of him.”

‘A’ refuses to talk to Kim Yong Gun anymore and has entrusted everything to her legal representative due to the deep emotional wound caused to her by him.

Kim Yong Gun has released a statement addressing the Scandal, he expressed his regrets for the fact that there is an ongoing legal dispute that has escalated despite the fact that he had repeatedly informed her that he will provide support for the childbirth.

Kim Yong Gun said that he had known her for a long time and they had a “good relationship.” Kim Yong Gun also said that she had blocked and sued him, he added,

“I impregnated someone at the age of 76, I was in shock when I first heard the news. I admit I raised my voice while trying to persuade her, now, I want to solve our misunderstandings.”

‘A’ told him she was pregnant in April of 2021 and on May 21, 2021, she blocked him and asked him to talk to her through her lawyer. Kim Yong Gun says while it’s a little late, “I realize that children are more important than face value.”

He also says that he’s informed his sons that she was pregnant and contrary to his worries they will welcome the blessing. He is the father of the famous Korean actor Ha Jung Woo.

Kim Yong Gun says that he feels deeply responsible and it seems that the emotional wound caused to ‘A’ is greater than he has thought. He says,

“I am sorry that my apology and sincerity have not been delivered.”

His lawyer also says that he was very surprised and bewildered by the sudden news when the news of the lawsuit was revealed.

Ha Jung Woo has refused to comment on the matter.

This is currently the top trending news in Korean news outlets as fans Express their shock at the revelations.

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