Han So Hee Admits She Feels Embarrassed For Receiving So Much Undeserving Love For Her Average Looks

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Han So Hee’s recent interview has garnered attention from fans for what she specifically said about her looks.

Han So Hee featured in Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s cover for the month of September. In the photoshoot, she wore serious fashionista looks. In the interview portion, she discussed many things including her drama “Nevertheless” and her looks.

Han So Hee said she focused on becoming one with Na Bi through focusing on the emotions of the given moment rather than focusing on the setting.

She also thanked her fans for showing love for her dramas and looks, she said,

“I’ve always been ashamed to be loved so much because of my insignificant outer shell. I want to repay it back in some way regardless of what it takes.

I really want to work hard and show them that their precious hearts and support is not just support, but something that has been a great power to protect me in my growing process. I want to show them that.”

“Nevertheless” airs its final episode this Saturday.

What do you think of Han So Hee’s comments?

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